Our commitment


Mood Natural Barcelona has the commitment on reduction of technological ingredients in its formulas by replacing them with new natural ingredients that can guarantee the same quality and product safety.

The products are fundamentally developed by means of two types of ingredients: the excipients and the active ingredients. On the one hand, the excipients constitute the cosmetic’s basis; they give texture and prevent the products from contamination. On the other hand, the active ingredients are the ones that act over your skin while working as antioxidant, moisturising, calming cream, etc., in that they provide the product with beneficial qualities.

As for their characteristics, some of the products have a high-water content that makes them be more prone to suffer from microbiological contaminations while using them. Consequently, the incorporation of more stabilising ingredients in the formula are needed so as to keep the properties of the products during their lifespan and be able to enjoy all their benefits.