Our pillars


is the main essence of our products

Sustainable skin care is one of our main principles, since our formulas take care of all skin types properly. Our green cosmetics products are elaborated considering high-quality standards and designed to minimize the risks of allergic reactions. They do not incorporate parabens.

Environmental sustainability is promoted given that our products are presented in a container or in recycling cartoon boxes. We work with local suppliers to become closer to what is known as km 0. In this way it is intended to reduce our ecological footprint.


and Mediterranean Ingredients

Mood Natural Barcelona works with natural extracts and ingredients –many of them obtained from distinctive Mediterranean plants–.

This is the reason why Mood Natural Barcelona’s logo is an inverted pineapple, since it is one of the oldest Mediterranean symbols representing strength and fortune. What is more, the pineapple is given as a symbol of good luck in some Mediterranean areas. Accordingly, Mood Natural Barcelona’s pineapple is made by means of the trencadístechnique, which was created by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and has already become one of Barcelona’s distinguishing features.



Our products include extract of St John’s wort, which is a plant with regenerative and repairing properties that help to improve our mood.

Mood Natural Barcelona takes advantage of the wonderful benefits of St John’s wort so as to supply its products with an exceptional Mediterranean ingredient that takes care of our skin and has well-being properties.