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Mood Natural Barcelona was born in Barcelona in 2014 from the cooperation of two relatives: Elena Guasch and Laia Guasch. The former is specialised in communication and corporate social responsibility while the latter is a chemist and expert in regulatory and quality issues in the cosmetic industry.

Elena Guasch and Laia Guasch are from the same family, in particular, they are the fourth and fifth generations of women concerned on well-being. Both enterprising women have inherited the knowledge and the desire to live from the three generations of women that preceded them. This led them to create Mood Natural Barcelona, which is a brand focused on the elaboration of innovative, reliable, high-quality Natural Mediterranean Cosmetics products that are intended to improve people’s mood.

Elena and Laia Guasch have added their personal perspective, knowledge, as well as science, technology and innovation to their legacy being fully aware of the importance of its essence and Mediterranean roots.

“I love the sea, nature, and good company.”.
Elena Guasch
Specialized in communication and corporate social responsibility

When I was a child I wanted to travel, live, and know different cultures around the world. Luckily, my dreams have come true and I have lived in five countries from three different continents. I specialized in humanities and social science. I am curious and open-minded, and I am interested in social projects being always prepared for new challenges. I am a reliable person who tries to take advantage of every opportunity that life provides me. I also try to spend time with my loved ones: family and friends. In my free time, I like to go out, do exercise, stroll, read, relax and take care of myself.

“Enjoying every moment is my motto.”
Laia Guasch
Pharmacist and specialized in regulatory affairs and quality assurance of the cosmetic sector

To stay positive is my motto. After six months travelling around the world with my partner and with a rucksack on our backs and sandals as our only possessions, I have understood that the key of happiness is found in the simplicity of life. I like to run outdoors, I am also a lover of the Mediterranean diet, and I try to meditate everyday in order to recharge energies. My scientific education makes me look at things from a very organized perspective that once in a while I tend to disorganise, since I believe that vitality relies on the energy that optimism brings.