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The Source of Happiness facial lotion hydrates the skin and protects it from the sun. In addition, it incorporates anti-ageing regenerators and antioxidant agents.

It contains natural Mediterranean ingredients: St John’s wort, pine extract and vitamin E. It also contains collagen, which provides the skin with firmness, and hyaluronic acid, which softens wrinkles and expression lines. It provides an intense feeling of hydration and a lovely smell.

Source of Happiness facial lotion takes care of all skin types thanks to its formula that is free of parabens and allergens.

It is presented in a 50ml bottle. It is a dense cream distinguished for its soft, amusing texture and smell. It contains sunscreens SPF20.

Source of Happiness facial lotion can be used on a daily basis by applying it to the washed face, neck and neckline. It can also be employed as a tailored cosmetic: add extra efficacy by means of the Combo serums from Mood Natural Barcelona–choose the serum that adapts best to your skin–. Blend the lotion together with the Combos and apply it daily to your washed face, neck and neckline.

Aqua, Octocrylene, CetearylOctanoate, CetearylEthylhexanoate, ButylMethoxydibenzoylmethane, Glycerin, C12-15 AlkylBenzoate, PotassiumCetylPhosphate, TitaniumDioxide, Olus Oil, GlycerylStearate, C12-15 AlkylLactate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Soluble Collagen, SodiumHyaluronate, PinusSylvestrisBudExtract, HypericumPerforatumFlowerExtract, MagnesiumAluminumSilicate, SclerotiumGum, SodiumCitrate, CitricAcid, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, PotassiumSorbate, Tocopherol, SodiumBenzoate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA.

Among the ingredients employed to elaborate the Source of Happiness facial lotion,there is a significant amount of sunscreens SPF20 (medium protection) that protect the skin from the damaging effects of sun radiation. Since current techniques still do not guarantee full protection from the sun by only using natural elements, most of the sunscreens included come from synthetic origins.

Apart from the sunscreens, 100% of the ingredients used to produce the Source of Happinessfacial lotion have a natural provenance. 59.3% out of the totality of the product have a natural origin –including active elements, sunscreens and excipients– whereas 40.7% are technological. In addition, the latter encompass sunscreens and other ingredients which ensure that the product will not be spoilt or contaminated while it is being used.