Facial Products


Facial Products

The face is the mirror of the soul. This is the reason why you will find natural skin care facial products in Mood Natural Barcelona that have been elaborated to enhance the sense of well-being, take care of the properties of the skin, and cover the particular needs of every person’s skin.

Mood Natural Barcelona’s facial range is elaborated with natural products that provide the benefits of nature. Besides, dairy cosmetics are made to be more practical. For example, Urban Detox – Micellar Water cleanses, removes make up and tones all in one gesture and without rinsing. Furthermore, natural products also allow the consumers to use the cosmetics as it suits them best with the help of Combo serums. As the new masks coming in single-dose with Lyocell support. This support, which is biodegradable and almost invisible, is suitable for sensitive skins and it is considered a premium material for hydrating and treating the skin.

Smile every day to your skin using Mood Natural Barcelona’s facial range.


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